Foundation Membership

Foundation Membership

Welcome to the community!
We invite you for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a Foundation Member of NightQuarter Sunshine Coast.

■ 6 months unlimited entry to NightQuarter*
■ Limited edition Tshirt
■ Golden ticket to NightQuarter Live**

* Excludes special events
** Subject to availability

As a Foundation Member of NightQuarter, you have unlimited access to all of our regular events (events that require an entry pass and excluding special ticketed events in NightQuarter Live) for the next six months.

This includes entry to our Opening Weekend!

You will receive a membership number on your receipt that allows you to create entry passes for free to our upcoming events here: 

Please add your membership number in the 'Code' section of any upcoming event and go through the checkout to receive an entry pass to that event. Alternatively, tell our front gate staff your name and membership number when you arrive. We would appreciate you creating your entry pass in advance to assist with Covid-19 contact tracing and capacity management. Creating an entry pass in advance will mean you will be in an express line for entry.

You will also receive a ticket that you can use to redeem your free t-shirt when you are at NightQuarter. Our front gate staff (or information booth staff if it is busy) will redeem your ticket for a t-shirt.

As part of your membership, you also receive a free  'Golden Ticket' to a NightQuarter Live event. This is a ticket of your choice to an upcoming concert (subject to availability. Please choose your event from our upcoming special events here: and then request your selection here:

We can't wait to make memories with you!